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The Lost Dutchman State Park will be closing June 3rd 2010 due to budgetary issues in Arizona! This is a beautiful state park located just outside Apache Junction at the base of the Superstition Mountains that has full campground facilities whether you’re tent camping, traveling by motorhome, or overland by Land Rover!

Numerous trailheads are accessible from the park that lead into the Tonto National Forest wilderness. In addition, the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine is famous world wide. Hidden somewhere deep in those mysterious mountains is the fortune of  a lifetime.

Whether it’s the gold discovered by Jacob Waltz, or the mines of the Peralta family… there is enough treasure hunting legend in those mountains to keep men riveted for their entire lives searching. History abounds, from the early days of the Apache indians and the days before Arizona existed as a territory, these mountains are the anchor of central Arizona and a hub of activity for treasure hunters through the present day!

So let’s all show our support for such an amazing state park that is scheduled to close due to lack of money. I just spoke with one of the rangers about the closing and she stated that they will simply lock the park and be gone. So if you would like to make a donation to save the Lost Dutchman State Park, please follow this link:

(In the comments, please restrict your donation to the Lost Dutchman State Park so the donation doesn’t get absorbed by all Arizona parks as a whole)

Arizona State Parks Foundation

Hopefully we can save this state park and maybe create a surplus for the future… after all, there’s treasure to be discovered in those mountains!


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