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The Land Rover Club of Las Vegas had another fun trip down Burro Wash yesterday. The group of “spaceships” rallied at the Railroad Pass Casino in Boulder City at 1:00 pm and left for the trailhead by 1:30 pm. My buddy Jeff who I invited a couple days earlier appeared out of nowhere with his fully built Sportsmobile, a vehicle which everyone was very happy to see in person. A 6-wheel Pinzgauer arrived also, but unfortunately did not join the run.


At the trailhead the group decided to air down for a smoother ride but I decided not to, much to my discomfort! Between having fully inflated MTR’s and my shocks adjusted to the stiffest setting of “9”… it made for quite a rattling ride for the first 20 minutes until we reached the more technical portion of the trail.


The trail first climbed a hill to a nice overlook to the valley below. We got lucky as the wind did not kick up too badly with just a light breeze, the previous day it was blowing pretty hard. After a quick stop to take some photos we were back on our way…


The trail for the most part is very easy, with some minor technical and “off camber” situations along the way. I suppose I define the technical sections as minor due to the amount of lift I have on the Rover, there are some very large rocks to negotiate. Of course, most of these rocks could be avoided… but was that our choice? Of course not!


It was also quite surprising how we could take small puddles in the trail and turn them into something making a raised air intake necessary! I couldn’t help but laugh as I questioned how 3″ of water could completely go over the roof of a couple of our Rovers…


I believed I was recording video of our shenanigans along the way with my new GoPro HD camera, but no, apparently I pushed the button wrong where it only snapped off some still pictures! That was aggravating to discover as I quickly jumped on the computer when I got home to review the “footage” I had captured, only to find out I’m an idiot. I would’ve had some great video of the technical sections of the trail as well as the cool little canyon we entered as we approached our destination.

As we approached the river’s edge down from the Hoover Dam, we decided to take the Rovers for a swim. Again, I thought I was capturing some cool footage of nothing but water in front of the truck… nope!


But it was all great fun, we immediately got to work with the important things in life… food and beer!


Levi sprang into action with the roof rack awning of his own design, tables and chairs popped open like the button fly of a fat guy, and viola… chips and dip!


I had brought an FN PS90 along for the ride for fun, as soon as that word got out… well it seemed to be almost as popular as the Sportsmobile!


With HID’s and electrical outlets at every corner, enough batteries to power the sun, and amenities rivaling your closest 4 star hotel, this truck had to be seen to be believed. Winches and lockers both front and rear. Push a button and the roof cap raises for enough head room to stand up. Pop a burrito in the microwave and you begin to wonder if you’re even camping! In the words of Ferris Bueller “if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up”.


After some much needed relaxation, we packed up and headed out before dark. Some remained behind while the rest of us headed back to town. All in all a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. So if you’re in the area, interested in good friends and good wheeling… check out our site calendar for upcoming runs and join us! Land Rover Club of Las Vegas.

Until next time…


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