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Land Rover of Las Vegas conducted their first service clinic for owners to bring their vehicles for inspection yesterday. One thing’s for sure, when they decide to roll out their event vehicles, you definitely want to be there! On display was the no expenses spared Range Rover Classic that tours to various outings that they plan.

One of the main attractions was the highly secretive new vehicle eluded to on LRLV’s Facebook page during the week… the diesel powered Defender 130! What a sight as they displayed the truck in front of their showroom facility demonstrating the ARB X-jack. I’m not clear as to how many of these vehicles are in the U.S. but I think it’s safe to assume that you may be able to count them on one hand. As I not so subtly try to offer my services as an official event driver of the truck, it seems there is no shortage of those already assuming the position!

Trevor Fagan, the Marketing Director for LRLV was on hand taking pictures for those wishing to obtain a photo of themselves in front of the D130 presented in a nice Land Rover picture frame. I jokingly referred to these photo’s as evidence in case the truck happens to come up missing in the middle of the night! Funny how there were two photos taken of me…hmmm, coincidence? I think not.

Among those in attendance were members of the Land Rover Club of Las Vegas. We strolled around enjoying the wine and hors d’oeuvres talking about future club events and watching as some of the dealership staff took customers on the off camber obstacle course to test the capabilities of the new Rovers.

While customers as well as ourselves enjoyed spending time looking over the vehicles on display, we handed our keys over to the service team to get our own trucks in the shop and up on the lifts for inspection. One enjoyable aspect to the highly professional service staff is their willingness to show you around the shop and invite you back to take a look at what’s going on. I for one enjoy looking at the behind the scenes operations of the dealership. I was also happy to receive a clean “bill of health” for my personal Rover as the only thing wrong was solved with a quick spray of some brake cleaner to remove a little oil residue! Levi, LRCLV president was up next for inspection with his green Disco I…

All in all we had a great time and look forward to the next event. A special thanks goes out to Ray Dinardi (General Manager), Terry Majur (Service Advisor), Trevor Fagan (Marketing Director), and the rest of the staff who hosted the service clinic and inspected our vehicles. Be sure to stop by and visit the group to get updated on upcoming events scheduled for vehicle outings and Land Rover Club news, as there are some really great runs coming up for owners of all Land Rover models!

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The Land Rover Defender to make a comeback? The internet is swarming with the idea that the iconic 4×4 will be updated for importation into the U.S. in the year 2016. That’s great news to those who have been looking for its return, however unrealistic as it sounds on the surface. One can only speculate what the sales performance of a vehicle that currently sells roughly 20,000 vehicles worldwide will be.

What will the truck be? It is highly unlikely that the Defenders will be manufactured in the same manner and sold as the rugged workhorse it is. Americans aren’t looking for a Land Rover deeply rooted in outback heritage, this is why the marketing strategy has shifted from that of the go anywhere offroad adventure vehicle to the supercharged urban sports truck.

The return of  the Defender is assuming alot. With the move toward a “Green” earth-biscuit society hell bent on demonizing the very fuel the world runs on, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to be driving vehicles powered by brussel sprouts or a giant wind prop stuck into a trailer hitch. It also assumes that we aren’t eating cat food from our rooftop tents, soon to be used as permanent shelters because of a failed economic recovery.

So I’m not going to hold my breath on this one, but like the rest of you… I would love to see this revamped farm implement roaming proudly here in the States as a diesel, fully box framed, solid front and rear axle bad ass.

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