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I installed a pair of Hi-Lift “Tube Mounts” for mounting a Hi-Lift jack to my ARB bull bumper the other day and thought I’d review them here. The mounts come in two different sizes, the TM-700 is for 1″-2″ diameter tubing while the TM-750 is for 3″-4″ diameter tubing. At first I wasn’t sure if that is where I wanted to mount the jack as I have a Safety Devices roof rack installed on my Discovery I, but I gave it some thought and decided that it would be easier for me to remove the jack from the bumper rather than try to remove it from high on the rack.

These mounts are about as self explanatory as they come so I won’t waste too much time detailing the “installation process”. I used the TM-700 for my front bumper and they were an excellent fit.

The aluminum portion of the mounts are well finished and look good while the hardware that is included are stainless steel from the U-bolts to the nuts and washers, so no rust issues over time. There was also a set of spare U-bolts included in the package, yet they don’t appear to be a different size from the ones I used.

The aluminum knobs are just as nice as the rest of the bracket, my only concern was theft which kept me from purchasing them a couple weeks ago. There really isn’t a provision for locking them down in any way. Aside from the actual knobs being removed from the mounts, I was trying to figure out how to keep the jack from being ripped off as well. My solution came in the form of a cable lock used for firearms, which worked very well. In the end, if they really wanted everything and they had the time… they’d get it. I’m not too concerned, after all… maybe they’ll realize my firearm is now missing a lock and make the right choice!

All in all, a very nice product for about $50. They are very secure and about the only other item I’d recommend would be the urethane handle isolator to stop rattling.

Until next time, keep the shiny side up…


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